Jenkins offers Central States roof and side panels in a wide variety of colors, styles, standard, and custom trim. Panels custom cut to any length at no extra charge. We recieve weekly shipments for fast availability.

Low Rib Panel Colors
Low Rib Panel Colors
Rustic (IR=0.28) Brite
Tan (IR=0.41) Roman
Hunter Clay
Charcoal Beige
Gray (IR=0.48) Bronze
Lt. Stone (IR=0.50) Ash
Burnished Slate Sandstone
Brown Autumn
Alamo (IR=0.64) Tudor
Forest Smoke
Ocean Evergreen
Burgundy (IR=0.26) Brandywine
Crimson (IR=0.32)
* Actual Colors may vary
Taupe (29ga. Only)    
Ivory (JR=0.29)    
Gold (IR=0.47)(29ga. Only)    
29g:Brilliant (G90 Galvanized)    
Arctic (Galvalume)
26g:Brilliant (Galvalume)  
* Actual Colors may vary

Thrifty Series Colors
Alamo   Charcoal
Gray   Brown
Tan   Rustic
Lt. Stone   Hunter
* Actual Colors may vary

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